Neptune Consultation Template



Doctors !

Write excellent medical records quickly and easily using the Neptune Consultation Template. Just copy and paste whole blocks of text into the patient record  saving an hour of typing per day; then edit them. Created and written by a practising GP in the UK.

Suitable for use by all Clinicians including General Practitioners (GP) , Nurse Practitioners (NP) , Physician Associates (PA) and Clinical Pharmacists (CP).

This saves 5 hours per week; or 20 hours per month of tedious writing.

This is a great productivity tool and effort saving tool.

Increase your productivity by 400%  !

Write legally protective and comprehensive notes  quickly and easily within 2 to 3 minutes. Write 40 lines of text in each record instead of just 10 lines of text !

Maximise your medical  record keeping.

Copy the general examination findings and health advice quickly and easily; then edit them.

Do yourself justice with every patient; and write down your full clinical thought process and the good advice given.

There is no need to type up the same standardised diet and exercise advice many times – just copy and paste it.

The template includes learning points from complaints in the past 20 years as a memory aid; helping  to reduce legal risk . This good wording is built into the paragraphs within each section. The skills of a GP Trainer have been used to explain the clinical logical reasoning within each section.

Visit  to download.  The files will be automatically emailed to your email address once payment is made.

Discounts can be arranged for bulk orders ; per 10 to 100 copies for clinics and hospitals.

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Dr N.Hossain,  Company Director